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Our Backstory

Our Backstory

Let me tell you from the start about myself! How did I discover that the sale of used tires and rims should be digitized?

Ultimately, I was an Uber and a Lift driver and would buy tires when needed. It was torturous for me to find the right tire shop. I had to travel long miles to find that affordable and best-fit tire for my vehicle. This cost me so much time and money. I discovered that at crucial moments or emergencies there was a lack of service available.

That is the reason why I established this business and call it a revolutionary industry for used tires and rims. I want to make the process as easy as possible for consumers like Uber drivers or the people who drive to earn extra money for a living. The sole purpose of the service is to eliminate the hurdles. I decided to create a process where people can buy tires and rims via their smartphones or online. This sets us apart from other tire companies. No one else is offering the type of services we are.

RIMATTIRE services are:

  • High quality used tires with a no-fault warranty
  • Offering the most popular and branded tires
  • Connecting buyers with sellers
  • Good quality used rims
  • Tires for all kinds of vehicles