Save Time and Money


RIMATTIRE is an industry that is re-creating an old business to meet modern era necessities. It is no longer necessary to waste time shopping for tires or rims for your vehicle. We understand that your safety depends upon the quality of your tires and rims. We are making it easier and more affordable to buy used tires and rims at a competitive price.

We have a complete range of tires and rims for any type of vehicle. RIMATTIRE is your one-stop solution. We ensure easy and quality purchasing that will save you time and money. We offer the best selection of tires according to the demand of consumers, ensuring that your vehicle rolls with the best wheels. Buying from us will provide you with original and high-quality used tires. We are the only service that provides no-fault warranties on select tires to ensure that you will be getting the best used tires at a competitive price.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote entrepreneurship and create an industry that serves people who wish to buy quality used tires and rims.



RIMATTIRE is a straightforward choice when you want to buy used tires and rims at a lower price with a warranty. We want to revolutionize the online selling of used tires and rims so that consumers can purchase branded items at their doorstep. It is the only platform offering you such a profitable buying experience.